EODDS Volunteer Dentist

Dr. James Hereford

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Collinsville’s Dr. James Hereford is one of 161 volunteer dentists who donated more than $5 million in free, comprehensive and restorative dental services to low income patients through EODDS in 2015.

“I have been a participating dentist since the inception of EODDS. I have found the experience of serving these patients extremely rewarding and it is so convenient.  EODDS sends me an occasional patient; I formulate a treatment plan with patient and execute it over a period of several visits.”

“Each patient is usually overwhelmed with gratitude because his/her smile and self-esteem has been restored to a time when life was better.”

“I urge all Eastern Oklahoma dentists to receive an EODDS patient once in a while so that you can really experience happiness and give some happiness as well.”

Dr. Hereford graduated with his DDS from the University of Oklahoma and has been practicing in Collinsville for 32 years.  His goal is to practice with diligence, patience, and perfection and to utilize his skills and experience to provide patients with a painless dental experience.

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