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Dr. Braden Callister DMD - EODDS
EODDS Volunteer Dentist

Dr. Braden Callister DMD

By May 16, 2018 No Comments

What is the most rewarding part of being an EODDS volunteer?

Volunteering through EODDS has been a good reminder to me of why I became a dentist!  Often times we get caught up in the daily grind of dentistry, which comes with its share of head aches and stresses.  It has been rewarding to use my talent and education to help someone that is truly in need.  It has helped change my attitude and outlook and helps you fully realize the benefit and value you can offer your other patients.

My favorite part has been being personally involved in the selection of patients who receive the donated dental services through EODDS.  We recently saw an elderly woman who’s grandson volunteered to pay for her treatment.  We love these patients and my staff and I were so impressed with this young man’s good heart and willingness to help his grandmother.  We were so excited that we could offer financial relief to the grandson in an effort to pay it forward to him for his willingness to pay it forward for his grandmother.  Not only are we helping this elderly woman get the care she needs, but we are also rewarding this young man for his good heart.

What would you say to other dentist who are not currently volunteers?

I would recommend that you pick one patient that you know needs your help.  I believe that every dentist has in their practice a patient who, from no fault of their own, has a rough life who could use a break in life to lift their soul and brighten their day.  If you do not want to pick a patient EODDS will find a patient who is need.  It is very rewarding and helps you get outside of yourself and your own problems and focus on lifting someone else in need.


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